David J. Dess, D.M.D.

COVID - 19


We are practicing dentistry during this pandemic to minimize risk to all of our patients and staff.  We are asking all of our wonderful patients to

observe the following guidelines when visiting our office and to feel comfortable as you visit with us.

1.  In order to limit the number of people in our office at one time, please call us from your car when you arrive.  We will call you back when we are ready to have you come inside for your visit.

2.  Only scheduled patients should enter the office. Chaperones will be asked to wait in their cars. Please inquire for patients requiring special treatment including elderly needing assistance, or translators.

3.  All patients entering and leaving the office will need to wear a face covering.  Anyone accompanying the patient will also need to be screened and wear a face covering.

4.  Once in the foyer, each patient will need to fill out a Covid - 19 screening form and Covid - 19 informed consent form. When you complete these two forms, knock on the door.  Your temperature will then be scanned.  If it is over 100.0, your appointment will need to be reschedule after 14 days.  Once you are inside our office, we will ask you to wash your hands or use hand sanitizer.  From there, we will escort you to the treatment area. 

Sakonnet Dental is following the highest standards of infection control and mandated protocols.  We are also performing the following safety protocols:

1.  All employees are screened daily for COVID - 19 risk factors and temperatures monitored.  They also wear additional layers of P.P.E..

2.  Patients are asked to wait in their vehicles upon arriving until it is time to be seated thus keeping the number of people in the office to a minimum, to avoid crowding.

3. All treatment rooms are equipped with high capacity HEPA  Air Purifiers.  Rooms are thoroughly disinfected with wipes and spray following each procedure.  All treatment rooms also have windows which open for greater air flow of fresh air.

4. All patients pre-rinse for 30 seconds to decrease oral pathogens.

5.  Cleaning appointments will include hand scaling. x-rays, fluoride treatments and exams. Ultrasonic scaling and polishing is not being offered at this time.  You will be give a package of dental prophy paste for use at home, and instructed in its use.

6.  All restorations are done under dental dam isolation, with medical grade HEPA aerosol extractors at chairside. Following all restorations, the treatment room is treated with a disinfectant mist as well as thoroughly disinfected with wipes and sprays.